Symptomatic treatment (sv)

There are a number of options for short-term medications to help control the pet’s allergy symptoms. Our recommendation is to use these products together with Alergovet Immunotherapy to ensure the pet is comfortable but with a long-term goal of only administering immunotherapy for the pet’s condition. Alergovet Immunotherapy is a safe, effective and long-term treatment. Alergovet Immunotherapy is the only etiological treatment.

There are today three key product categories that provide short-term allergy solutions. While these do not fight the root cause, they provide comfort by suppressing the allergic reactions but most come with side-effects.

Key facts about short-term allergy solutions:

  • Treatments other than immunotherapy should be restricted to short-term use only
  • Short term allergy solutions provide symptomatic relief but fail to address the underlying cause of allergy
  • Short-term allergy solutions can be used in conjunction with immunotherapy during the build-up phase or following flare-ups
  • Immunotherapy is safe, effective and well-recognized for long-term use